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Top to Toe beauty salon offers a range of treatments, including manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, waxing and spray tans. We are salon specialists for HD Brows, Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, CND Shellac, Minx Nails, Lash Perfect and California Spray Tan


HD Brows
We are HD Brows official service providers. Please remember before you can have HD Brows you have to have a patch test. This is a unique treatment for creating perfectly well-groomed, high definition eyebrows. The HD Brows procedure transforms the way you look and more importantly, how you feel. Unlike other eyebrow treatments that use a ‘one shape fits all’ technique, HD Brows stylists assess face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you.
Bio Sculpture Gel Nails
Top to Toe in Spennymoor have been specialists in Bio Sculpture gel nail since 2009. Bio Sculpture Gel is designed to strengthen and promote the growth of your natural nails. It is applied directly to your nail and comes in a variety of colours. One application can last two to three weeks and can be easily removed with no damage to your own nails. Bio Sculpture is a very different product to other gels and hybrid gel polishes, the main difference being that it will not cause any damage to your natural nails.
CND Shellac nails
This is the original and only power polish service, empowering you, the real woman with 14 days of superior, chip-free colour no matter what life brings you.
ZERO drying time – that means there’s no need to wait to grab your keys at the end of your service. No nail damage, because there are no drills or nail surface filing required. Easy on and easy off in just 10 minutes with safe, gentle CND Shellac Remover Wraps. Improve your nails with an armour coat that says ‘see you in two weeks’.
Lash Perfect
Lash Perfect eye lash extensions are individual synthetic lashes that are applied directly onto your natural lashes. They are available in a range of lengths, thickness and curvatures to achieve the required look. The lashes last between 2 and 3 weeks but with regular top ups the look can be maintained. Lash Perfect lashes provide a natural look with no need for mascara. Lash Perfect is the number one choice for semi permanent individual eyelash extensions. Our trained technician offers a superior service with the very best products.
California Spray Tan
Looking for a natural golden tan?
California Spray Tan is quick to apply and dries on your skin instantly. The golden tan develops over a period of 6 hours and lasts between 3 and 5 days.
California Tan are the leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor tanning products, combining advanced Color Technology with premium skin care. No matter how you want to achieve your golden glow, California Tan have a product for you.
Minx Nails
Minx nails are made of foil which is applied directly to the nail. Various designs are available and as the Minx foil is dry on impact, no drying time is required. Minx nails are both smudge and scuff proof. Minx Nail coatings are available in graphics, designs and metallic finishes, and can be applied to natural or artificial nails through a process using heat and pressure. Minx nails Extends Fashion to your Fingertips & Toes. Worn by every celebrity on the planet.
Eye Treatments
Semi-permanent colour can be applied to eyelashes to define the eyes and give lashes the appearance of looking longer. Eyebrows can be shaped and tinted with colour to give a fuller looking eyebrow.
We offer a range of eyelash and brow tinting, Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting involves carefully dying the lashes and eyebrows with safe, natural tints, to give them a natural, luscious, darker appearance.
Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal treatment and, as this removes hair from the root, can last up to six weeks depending on each individual. We offer waxing treatment for legs, under arms, bikini line, top lip and eyebrow shaping. There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit regrowth that is softer.
Nail Treatments
Our salon uses NSI Acrylic nail systems to create captivating enhancements to your natural nails. Various techniques are used including French Acrylic, Natural Acrylic, Glitter Tips and Gel Colours. We are trained also in the use of Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, Minx Nails and CND Shellac Nails, (see other sections).